To date, TELEMAT LTD (now TELEMAT LIMITED LLC) or its principals have been investors, managers, and/or directors in: a National Basketball Association franchise with a purchase price in excess of $65 million; real estate development projects throughout the country with values ranging from $10 million to $500 million; and the recapilization of a major banking institution with assets in excess of $635 million.  The firm has utilized the multi-disciplinary skills of its two principals and other consulting professionals to manage projects and client relationships including, but not limited to the following assignments:


When Hartsfield International Airport opened in 1981, the City of Atlanta not only became a major player in the American airlines industry, but also became a model for aggressive Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) programs in that 38% of the construction work on Hartsfield was awarded to MBEs.  Despite the fact that the airport was built on time and on budget, the Contractors Association of America brought suit to overturn the City's MBE participation ordinance.  TELEMAT LTD  was retained by the City of Atlanta to document the rationale for the City's MBE Ordinance and assist and coordinate the City's litigation defense.

PRESERVATION PARK - Oakland, California

TELEMAT LTD, in conjunction with the City of Oakland, Bramalea Pacific and a private syndication group, rehabilitated and restored sixteen (16) Victorian mansions to create 60,000 square feet of first class office space for non-profit organizations in the Bay Area.  This two square block area of downtown Oakland, named Preservation Park, has been designated as an Historial District and is a critical component of the city's overall economic revitalization plan.  The total public/private investment in the project approximated $15 million, including a $2 million Urban Development Action Grant.

120 NORTH LASALLE STREET - Chicago, Illinois

TELEMAT LTD organized a partnership to purchase a 525-car parking lot and the 14,000 square foot parcel it occupied from the City of Chicago in 1984, on a competitive bid basis.  The partnership paid $4.0MM for the parcel and managed the parking lot for four years in anticipation of developing an office building directly across the street from Chicago's City Hall.  In 1988, when another developer offered to purchase the parcel, TELEMAT LTD and its partners passed the risk of development to another group of investors.

NEW COMISKEY PARK - Chicago, Illinois

As Executive Director of the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority (ISFA), a joint venture of the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, Mr. Bynoe provided overall management and direction for this $250 million project.  Mr. Bynoe led a multi-disciplinary team that was responsible for: negotiation of the lease between ISFA and the Chicago White Sox; legislative amendment of ISFA's enabling authority so that the lease might be implemented; acquisition of 85 acres of land for the project through negotiation, litigation and condemnation proceedings; the relocation of over 100 families and the construction of replacement housing for 18 families; and planning, designing, bidding, value engineering and constructing a state-of-the-art baseball stadium including seating for 45,000 fans, 120 luxury skyboxes, 4 restaurants, assorted concessions and 7,000 parking spaces.  The project was completed on time and several million dollars under budget.


TELEMAT LTD is an investor in and a project manager/developer for Ruggles-Bedford Associates, Inc. (RBA), a minority owned and controlled enterprise created by Black, Hispanic and Asian entrepreneurs to pursue a unique real estate development opportunity offered by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.  Specifically, RBA was one of four firms to compete for the development rights to link downtown and neighborhood sites that were put out for bid by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.  TELEMAT LTD structured the winning proposal submitted by RBA and Metropolitan Structures of Chicago that has been designated as Columbia Plaza Associates.  The projected magnitude of the project is $500 million.

DENVER NUGGETS - Denver, Colorado

For a three-year period, Mr. Bynoe was Managing General partner for the National Basketball Association's Denver Nuggets.  Mr. Bynoe planned, organized and executed the $65 million acquisition of the Nuggets over a six-month period from June to November 1989.  After overseeing the complete reorganization of the team, on and off the court, Mr. Bynoe sold his interest in the franchise in August 1992.

1996 SUMMER OLYMPICS - Atlanta, Georgia

TELEMAT LTD served as a consultant to the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority and the Atlanta Committee to Organize the Olympic Games in their efforts to prepare for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.  Mr. Bynoe was involved in: defining the conceptual framework for the 85,000-seat Olympic Stadium that was converted to a 45,000-seat baseball stadium in 1997; developing a $210 million budget for the stadium's construction; working with community groups to design a parking plan that minimized the impact of stadium events on the adjacent neighborhood; and negotiating a lease agreement that has induced the Atlanta Braves to occupy the new stadium for a 40-year term.


In 1993 TELEMAT LTD and Spectacor Management Group, an international sports facility management group created the Soldier Field Joint Venture (SFJV) to bid for the right to manage Soldier Field and its 4,500 parking spaces on behalf of the Chicago Park District.  SFJV was the successful bidder and since 1994 has managed the privatization of one of Chicago's premier sports and entertainment venues.  SFJV has increased revenue at Soldier Field, reduced operating expenses and made the venue a cash producer for the Chicago Park District.  Parking revenues, alone, increased by $1 million in the first year of SFJV's operations.

LAFAYETTE AMERICAN BANK & TRUST - Bridgeport, Connecticut

In March 1994, Ms. Bynoe was recruited to be part of a new investor/management group assembled to recapitalize this publicly traded community bank that was operating in the zone of insolvency.  As a director and member of the Boards' Executive Committee, Ms. Bynoe was responsible for: overseeing bank operations; strategic planning; disposing of non-producing assets; and managing asset/liability and operating ratios.  After two years of working closely with senior management to restruture the institution, Ms. Bynoe was actively involved in the successful sale of the bank in July 1996.

TELEMAT LTD has also provided management consulting and advisory services to: The Copeland Companies, a subsidiary of the Travelers Insurance Company; Bear, Stearns & Company, Inc.; The Mills Corporation; Loop Capital Markets; and United Airlines.